And then it rained!!!!!

Jenny Carr writes:

A message from Eddie. Monday morning and it's RAINING!!!!!

Captain Jack and Daisy had the pleasure of wearing their coats! Daisy flew under the table as soon as she saw the coats come out of storage. I went to great lengths to get coats that would be unobtrusive so they wouldn't lose their street cred!

Jan Chamberlain was asking if we had any thoughts about a summer walk? As last year was too hot and this year the weather can't make up it's mind. We certainly want to go and top of our list is to see the Rose Garden in Greenwich Park, so watch this space.

Jan continues:

We went for a walk at Lullingstone on Thursday, a day bit like yesterday. It was lovely walking around the country park. Lavender is not out yet, but won't be long. Dogs enjoyed themselves which is the main thing, meeting new dogs, new things for Izzy to experience on the golf course. Little white balls hiding in the grass, large lawn mowers and big rakes in the bunkers. She loved it all.Then back to the cafe. Not a drop of rain.Hurrah!! (Not like today. Boo!)


Lynn French writes:

Just came back from a walk with Sophie and saw a police forensics van parked a little way up our road. So, I went over to ask what he was doing. He said that yesterday a house was broken into (wouldn’t tell me which house) and their dog was stolen! I shall find out who’s house it was, no doubt, in the fullness of time. He told me to be very careful to ensure that we lock our doors etc even when at home which is a bit of a worry. He said that dog theft was definitely on the rise, especially pedigree bitches - even though Sophie is spayed, a burglar wouldn’t know that of course. What is the world coming to?