Cheers! It's the Telegraph pub of the year.

Jane Price sent me these photos from last week's Telegraph. It is an Airedale but that's allowed! Jane says of course it will be the best pub if there is a gorgeous terrier living there. It is The Fleece Inn, near Evesham in Worcestershire.

Judith Berg writes:

We saw the great pic in the Telegraph and at first thought it was a Welsh. Just got back from a week in Madeira and saw this in the lobby at Reid's Hotel. At a distance we thought it was a Welsh but if you can blow it up it looks more like an Irish. Still a lovely pic.

Editors Note: Lovely pic. That dog certainly has 'the look' that we all adore!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Morning, lovely day so far. We got the Jo Malone ad to play by cut and pasting the link into chrome.What a lovely looking Dog. (EditorsNote: David Morgan commented on an advert featuring an Airedale, which he saw at the cinema, before the film Rocket man)

I think there maybe a Welsh and an Airedale living in that pub,the dog outside certainly looked more the size of a Welsh. What a beautiful pub and that fire looked more like a blacksmiths fire, that'll be toasty in the winter.

Chris Hurley writes:

No one can top this!

In our little pub down at East Wittering, who walks in but Harry. Don't know Harry? He's a star. He's the one on the Jo Malone ad. Who would've thought? We have a few Airedales down here but previously no celebrity. Now we have a star for a neighbour!

Editors Note: WOW! what's the chances?

Alys Hurley allows celebrity Harry to sit next to her!!