What a hot weekend!

Lots of you already know Alex Witmond as a member of Weltos and some of you have one of her Welsh Terrier pups. For newer members information, Alex was one of the founder members of our club. She went on to breed and judge and is familiar figure in the world of Welsh terriers.

This weekend Alex travelled to des expositions de Paris Nord, Villepinte, en France. This time she was showing Jacksboks Unique at Tiltser, aka Pasha (Jack Russell). I love this little dog and so, apparently, did the judges.

It was extremely hot there, but Alex and Pasha, on the second day were 'again in the ribbons!' Congratulations to Alex and Pasha from all of us at Weltos.

Alex has very kindly donated a silver cup named The Tiltser Cup, to be awarded at the Christmas Party/AGM for members who have achieved something/anything special with their Welsh Terrier or commitments to the Club. The Cup may be kept for a year, then has to be returned to the Club.

Meanwhile, in the Meecham garden, Captain Jack and Daisy were just chilling together. I had to take this photo as they looked like they were joined at the hip! Siamese twins!

Kaye Attoe writes:

Unless I'm mistaken, Jack & Daisy look to be at the bottom of a Weber BBQ. The wheels look just like ours, but I could be wrong. However, knowing how clever our Welshies are, perhaps they know more than us, ie barbie for lunch? What better place to be situated for anything that may drop or be helped drop off the side!

They are certainly the most intelligent breed especially where food is concerned (or should I say where Maisie is concerned!)

Editors Note: Spot on Kaye!

Chris Amos writes:

Finally having a few days away in West Sussex at Graffham Camping Club site before undergoing more tests next week. As you can see this is an unusual site with pitches set in clearings in the surrounding woodland. It's very peaceful. Rabbits galore keep the dogs amused (but not quiet) and Cowdray Park polo ponies graze in the paddocks adjoining. We've yet to see any "Royals" though. Petworth Park is on the list to visit and we may even cross the downs to Chichester and Bosham...or we may just chill out!

Jasper (standing) and Tallie

Brian Robinson sent me these photos of Molly. Still looking as cute as ever! Brian says he really enjoys reading all the news coming out of Weltos Land!