Odd ways to sleep!

Our dogs certainly can sleep in some weird and funny positions. Here's Gertie Daley, worn out after her morning walk, in one of her funny positions.

Stacie Stahnke writes:

We don't have any recent funny ones, but in Hunter's first weeks with us, we captured her superhero poses. She still sleeps like this in her crate at night but during the day she's mostly a busy body!

Editor's Note: Hmm I know just what you mean!

When she does decide to nap, she just rolls up snuggly.

Andy Morris writes:

This is our Olly enjoying his sofa snooze!

Sarah Allen writes:

Thanks for the latest e-mail - Inspired to look back through Barney's sleeping positions !

Jan Chamberlain writes:

It's always been our Airedales that sleep in funny positions rather than the Welshies. Ragtail terriers do a set of notelets that have the sleeping positions of the Airedales on them. She has captured them so well. Izzy is always to be found sleeping like Gertie, only on a larger scale.

Izzy is booked in for her spay tomorrow. Fingers crossed she gets done this time!!

Editor's Note: Yes everything crossed for Izzy, bless her.

Karen Fortune sent this photo of Taliesin:

Here are photos of Teddy (WT) and Doris (WFT) sent in by Paula Pearce:

Just found one of Captain.........

Chris Amos sent this photo of Jasper choosing to put his head through the bottom of a sun lounger so he could have a nap!!!! What on earth are they like?