Bank Holiday Shenanigans!

A while ago we were chatting about stubborn Welshies on Walkies. The other day, on their walk, my two had their noses firmly to the ground and were sniffing every square inch they could find! In the end Daisy stopped dead and simply went down on all fours. In fact David has just returned from a walk and told me Daisy did exactly the same to him! What do you think she's trying to tell us?

Over the bank holiday weekend I wanted to test out a camping playpen/dog tent. I thought it might come in handy when the grandchildren are flying about the garden as well as on future camping trips.

See below:

Daisy is on the left.

I found it was perfectly ok when I was nearby. But when I was out of sight, the pair of them managed to tip it on its side and literally roll it round the garden. They were having a great time!! The top bit unzips but when it was open, they both managed to tip it over and jump out. The glee on their faces was just hilarious! I caught Captain threading his paws through the mesh on the exit panel and deftly pulling it. A moment later there would have been a hole! Anyway I think they had great fun and it made a change! I'll have to start setting up the agility equipment I reckon.

The Perils in the Garden!

This shrub grows lovely pines but when the needles drop, they dry up, become brown and really sharp. Daisy let out a real shriek yesterday , when she was running past this shrub and must have trodden on one of the sharp needles. Captain seems as if he knows not to go too near as he appears to be leaning away from the plant. Either that or he's so laid back he is in danger of falling over!

Somewhere on a blade of grass is a poor bumble bee who got chewed up and spat out by Daisy. When we first had our garden landscaped the man said, "Imagine sitting on your patio with a G & T, and watching your fish and taking in all your woodland plants, so relaxing!" Hmmm, when you have Welsh Terriers in the remit, that doesn't quite work! Plus I don't drink gin!!!

Lynn French writes:

Loved your two in their playpen! Bet they thought it great fun to escape!

Sophie is well and truly in Pete's bad books at the moment. He was waiting outside a shop with her while I went in, A lady apparently walked past with a Welsh terrier and said "Oh how lovely to see another Welsh Terrier." Of course she let her dog walk up to Sophie, who went ballistic and as Pete pulled her away , she completely lost it and bit him on the leg! Blood everywhere! Oh dear, such is life with an unsocialised Welshie.

Editors Note: It's that red mist thing! I sent a message asking if Pete was ok.

Lynn replied:

Sophie is lying on the rug at the moment, fast asleep. Butter wouldn't melt! Pete says he's having the bandages off and splint removed next week - only joking!

Chris Amos writes:

We have been enjoying the Bank Holiday weather despite being unable to get away in the caravan yet! We had a lovely walk in Knole Park with friends on Wednesday, ending up at the pub for lunch, As we were early and the pub wasn't open, we extended the walk to take in an extra circular bit opposite the pub and onto the Golf Course then back to the pub. So next time we do the walk (if anyone is up for it) we can do that too.

We went to Oldbury Hill for a walk on Saturday where Chris took the photo of Tallie growing a tree in her middle...

There is also a photo of people he met on the London to Brighton run with their Welsh and their Wire Fox Terrier.

Chris didn't know them and has unfortunately cut off their heads!

The only car he saw having problems was a "new" modern mini which caught fire. The real classic minis all made it to Brighton ok.

As for out for hornets! We just stopped Jasper from catching one in the garden There seems to be a lot of them about this year.

Rachel Pearce writes:

Hi Pat,

This little Welshie Edna, has been rehomed today - she was named Lucy. She's not one of ours but I've helped someone with rehoming.

I think this is going to be a great partnership and I've recommended they contact you and join

Editor's Note: That's brilliant Rachel, thank you. Watch out Jan Chamberlain, we could have another Welshie/Airedale duo!

Jane Price writes:

Absolutely adorable! Love the tent and Daisy and Jack being as good as gold inside it. I told my sister about the tent and she is going to get one for her dog!

Today is the Surrey County Show in Guilford. I am exhibiting with NAFAS in the Flower Tent. There are going to be big trucks, tractors, helicopters, cattle and animals galore. Lots to see and do but more exciting there will be lots of dog events there. Agility, dog shows and competitions etc. It is being held in Stoke Park in Guilford today.

Have a lovely weekend. x

Jan Chamberlain writes:

We've just returned from a week on the Gower peninsula. Weather was great, sun every day. On day one we met an Airedale on the beach, Izzy had a great time running around with her. Day two, we met another Airedale on the cliff top at Rhosilli, no playtime here as they could have gone flying off the cliff. Then blow me, we bumped into a lovely lady with a Welsh terrier. He's 10yrs old, a laid back dog called Bertie. He's a rescue dog that's really landed on his feet.

Willow loved her holiday playing on the huge beaches, she even ran so fast at Rhosilli beach that I had to give chase to catch her. Not bad for an old girl, she'll be 13yrs in a couple of months.

Izzy found everything really exciting, washed up jellyfish on Pembrey sands, (there were loads so stayed on the lead) empty mussel shells, crabs. Nothing was too much trouble for her to pick up and crunch.

The Gower is a lovely part of Wales which we hadn't been to before. We were lucky that where we stayed, there was a wood just down the road so we could have a shaded walk in the afternoons. The beaches are huge, mostly dog friendly. So yes we'll go back sometime.

Editor's note: It looks really beautiful. One of our long standing members is from that area!

Jan replies:

Good to read everyones news. I hope Pete's leg is healing up. I'm sure Sophie won't be in his bad books for long.

I'm more worried about the tree growing out of Tallie's back. I think that's a job for Supervet.

Bring it on with another Airedale and Welshie duo. You know I'll always go on talking about the merits of both breeds. I can have a rest now.