Food for thought!

Kaye Attoe writes:

Here is a photo of Teddy chilling. I took this the other day. It would seem that this is the most comfy chair in the conservatory, especially when it's warm and you can pigeon spot at the same time!!

Kaye goes on to say: Loving all the blog photos and comments and I must say that I am particularly pleased that grains are back in favour, especially as Teddy's most favourite treat is the crusts off the toast. He's extremely vocal if he even spots anyone with a piece of toast! Needless to say after singing continuously, he normally ends up with crust! Yes he has me well trained. x

Editor's Note:

Jack & Daisy are straight our of their baskets if you go anywhere near the toaster. For years they have been getting squares of dry toast, most mornings! If you have any on a plate they will use their hypnotic powers to get you to drop the toast straight into to their delicate little mouths! There is no end to their talents! They obviously knew that they actually needed grain in their diet!

Meanwhile Sandra Kisby felt she would like members to know about Bertie and the dried salmon skins.

Sandra writes:

Had a bit of a worry with Bertie as I'd bought dried salmon skins, which were set in hard cubes, for him as a treat. Gave him ONE which I presumed he had crunched up but for 6 days he kept regurgitating food after 5 minutes , with a lot of heaving and shaking of the whole of his body.

Saw Jenny and Ian (Carr) in the Park and Jenny suggested that it could be the treat stuck in Bertie's throat as she had also bought some for WT Eddie and he coughed and coughed so she never gave him one again.

I had Bertie on wet food in small portions mashed up for the last 5 days and all gone down he is drinking lots of water, so it may have dissolved. A vet visit would have meant a GA with scope down throat, which can scrape the throat and cause yet another problem, so reluctant to go down that path unless essential.

Editor's Note:

I'm sure we've all come across dog treats, over the years, which we've found unsuitable for our dogs. In the very early days, we didn't realise that all those colourants in dog treats were no good for our dogs digestive systems. So, armed with this knowledge, we went on to buy the plain raw hide strips. Surely these must be good their teeth and good that there was no rubbish in them? However, one day I found one of my dogs choking, but luckily I was able to retrieve the strip from the back of the throat and pull it back out! On another occasion, I found Jack was struggling as one had got stuck across the roof of his mouth. So they went in the bin!

These days we give our dogs Fish 4 Food cubes which can be easily crunched and to date we have never had any problem with. Lily's bedtime biscuits (just the one) for supper and one Dentastix per day. I always keep an eye on the dogs whilst they're eating the Dentastix as Jack has had the odd one get stuck in the roof of his mouth, but can easily be retrieved. David sometimes bends them round to avoid this problem.

Cubes of Fish 4 Food in our treat jar and Lily's bed time biscuits in the background.