St Christopher's Fun Walk

Weltos members seemed to be busy this weekend but nevertheless David, me and Chris Amos met up and had a really enjoyable walk around Keston. There was a really good turn out of locals and our dogs, as usual, drew lots of attention en route.

Chris Amos writes:

The morning of Sunday 19th May dawned overcast with a threat of rain. Mr Chris was off to Crystal Palace with our youngest son in our Classic Mini to do the London to Brighton Run. I, however, along with Tallie and Jasper was joining the Meechams to help raise funds for St Christopher's Hospice by walking our socks (and paws) off around Keston. I arrived early and once we were all ready and the dogs had sniffed each other we got on our way to sign in at the Greyhound Pub. Thankfully the rain held off but it did become very warm as we made our way through various wooded paths to checkpoints, getting our card signed each time. David said they were giving him their phone numbers so Pat is going to keep a close eye on him over the next few days! Although we had opted for the 3 mile green route, because we had walked to the Greyhound pub we had covered part of the route already. Towards the end of the walk, Tallie who will be 12 next month was beginning to flag so the decision was made to curtail our walk. ...not by much.... and go to The Fox pub instead. Now I bet you never guessed that was coming!!!. Even though we didn't stick to the route, we reckon we walked more than 3 miles and we still raised money for the Hospice, a very worthy cause and one close to my heart and also to that of Pat and David. It was a shame that more members couldn't join us but our four Welsh Terriers did the breed proud drawing lots of comments such as "are they miniatureAiredales/Schnauzers ?" etc and generally having a fuss made of them. They were all very well behaved without a growl or grumble between them.

Chris Amos

Editors Note: According to the App on my phone, we did just under 12,000 steps!!! Not bad!

Here are some photos of our adventure!

Jasper is really turning on the charm for these two young ladies! See the green arrow telling us which way to go!

Just having a little rest on the way home.

It's cooling off in the lake time!

Time to go home, Tallie and Jasper relax in their car.

After that walk, Jack soon settles down on the lawn.

Daisy relaxes but keeps her eye on the fish!

Tallie chills out in her basket.

Jasper although relaxed, is still keeping alert incase he misses something!

Chris & Lesley Hurley write:

So disappointing about the Weltos turnout for this walk. We drove past on our way to the kennels and looked for WT's. Now we know why we didn't spot any. We are probably the lowest of attendees, always having something on, but thought a few more would turn up for this walk being so local.

Anyway, well done for flying the flag. Let's hope the next event will be better supported and who knows, include us!

Editor's Note:

It's just one of those things. Everyone has a life and are busy or are away. It's very difficult trying to plan a day out with a group of people. There's always someone who can't make it as was the case this time. I remember we used to have lots of people who would turn up for the Summer Picnic but as time went on, the numbers dwindled and so we decided to have rambles instead.

Captain Jack and Daisy were wearing their 'Sunday Best to Impress' See below:

Rest assured, Tallie, Jasper, Daisy and Jack created quite a stir and a lot of interest even though there were dogs everywhere. As usual this lovely breed stood out and received lots of cuddles en route.

Sandra Kisby writes:

I was planning to come but had a trip to Leeds Castle booked. However, lovely to see the photos!