Bruno's Rehome News!

Bruno with Stan

Karen Over writes:

Hi Pat and Weltos Just wanted to say on the subject of re-homing:

We were lucky to re-home Bruno who was returned to the breeder last November, through being in touch with Weltos . We have been involved with Weltos for over 13 years who supported us enormously with our first Welshie Eric, who we sadly lost to cancer at 7 years old . Bruno is 3 years old and has been with us for nearly 6 months. Sometimes when he is quiet I can’t believe he is the same dog we bought home with us. It takes time, patience, a good sense of humour , persistence and a firm approach. Bruno came to us with excessive barking and he chased shadows at particular times of the day mainly early evening . We muzzle him now when he goes into this high pitched barking frenzy, mainly due to keeping our neighbours happy and our own sanity. He goes quiet immediately and he knows we are in control. Everyone who has met him initially, says how much he has quietened down. Recently at home, Bruno escaped outside on the street without us realising , we opened the front door and he was sitting on the door step!! A sign to me he is settled with us. We have had trouble finding anyone to look after him. We were not keen to put him into a kennel as this could set him backwards. His history was that he spent too long in the past entertaining himself . He has had two assessments with local dog sitters and failed both of them . When we left Bruno at the last one, the people asked us to collect him early. I think the only people, in the end. who understand and appreciate this breed are those who have one themselves. Using my initiative and nothing to lose I contacted another WT owner who lives nearby. They have a male dog who is the same age as Bruno. They had met originally at the golf course and got along very well. I asked if they could consider looking after him and we could reciprocate. So far this is looking positive , he passed the initial meeting and is due to have a sleep over with Stan soon, so fingers crossed we can find a win win arrangement .

Editors Note: (It is always better to introduce dogs on neutral territory. It is quite another thing when they are in their own home. I really hope this goes well for Bruno, he deserves it.)

We never seem to walk far without someone enquiring about him . We feel very lucky and hope whoever re-homes the latest WT’s needing homes has the same rewarding experience we have had after putting in the hard work. Karen & Tony Over


I forgot to mention Bruno's obsession with barking and lunging at cars , again we muzzle him now and he behaves . The only things that saved him in the early days was we did not hear a peep out of him night-time and his lovely face!!

Tony & Bruno relaxing

Bruno cycling

Editors Note: Well done to all of you out there who have rehomed a Welsh Terrier. It's not easy but the love you get back is amazing. This is why Discover Dogs is so important to me. Bruno we love you! Welcome to the gang!

Sandra Kisby writes:

What a fabulous story about Bruno and not only a wonderful Welsh Terrier but wonderful owners as well.

Jane Price writes:

Bruno looks so happy and settled in those photos with Tony and Karen. He has the most adorable face, I can see why they couldn't resist him despite his initial barking problem. Bruno is a very lucky boy to go to such a loving home with people who understand and are experienced with terriers. The fact that Bruno vanished and then returned to their house is a testament to his love and feeling of security with Tony and Karen! Well done to them both!

Judith Berg writes:

Bruno has certainly settled in and congratulations go to Karen and Tony for their hard work. I love the picture of him cycling. It does take time and you often wonder just how settled they really are – then something happens and you know you are accepted as suitable owners. Some rescues are easier than others and congratulations to Karen and Tony in finding how best to calm Bruno when he has a barking incident.

I get the impression that some breeders now are more interested in “the look” and selling a puppy, rather than producing an all round good dog (temperamentally as well as physically) and selling it to an appropriate owner. Fortunately, we have WT Rescue and Weltos to find good new homes for them.