Escapologist! Jasper aka Houdini

Chris Amos writes:

I had to send this photo of Jasper. As you may remember, he is an escapologist. I think we should've called him Houdini! Anyway, this afternoon, while we were all in the garden with our granddaughter we realised we hadn't seen Jasper for a while.

We hunted high and low. Calling and calling. Checking sheds , summerhouse and garage etc. Panic was beginning to set in. Then I came back indoors and found this....see above! Whew!

Editors Note: We know this feeling very well, don't we Judith Berg? I've since heard from Chris that hubby , at the expense of his back, has just finished fencing the garden on the "fox feeding" side so they think the garden is now Jasper proof. Good luck!

On a different note, Chris says, that poor Tallie has a bad foot. She is just finishing a 10 day course of antibiotics and has to start another, plus anti inflammatories. She has a nasty infection around the toenail and may have to have it removed. Hoping the toe is ok and nothing sinister going on there. Extremely painful for her. Fingers crossed she'll be ok.


We all hope that Tallie's foot is soon on the mend. Otherwise she'll have to learn to ride a skateboard!

Judith Berg writes:

Oo know how it feels. That sinking feeling! Evie's latest was last week when the builders were removing debris from the chimney breast they demolished. Wind blew door open and need I say more?

Evie proceeded to woo all the men and women on the building site down the road.

Editors Note: What is it about building sites and our dogs? When Daisy last managed to get out of our garden, she was found having a great time on a building site in the next road. The builders loved her. In my experience of them , builders usually have a bag of sandwiches or food of some sort on them which Daisy can sniff out from miles away!!!

Chris Amos writes:

My neighbour feeds the foxes and encourages them right up to the door. Unfortunately they are mangey and she won't get the treatment from the Fox Project. We had to treat Jasper for mites last year but fortunately caught the infestation early. The foxes drive Jasper crazy especially when the vixens are in season and push their nether parts at him through the fence! (It was chain link) Good job he has had his bits off!!! Won't happen now it's been replaced!

Jan Chamberlain writes

Get well soon Tallie. I clearly remember the day Willow pulled her toenail out, leaving a trail of blood behind her. Then, after a trip to the vet and making everyone on the bus draw a sharp intake of breath when the driver asked what she had done. She was fine. Toenail never grew back so she won't be a foot model in the future.

Jane Price writes:

The picture of Jasper in the laundry basket is absolutely gorgeous, bless him! Hope that he is not lying on stuff you had just ironed Chris?

Sylvia Turner writes:


In the mid 1990's I was a curate in Whitstable and the owner of an 18 year old JR.

Whilst I was on retreat about to be ordained in Canterbury my grandmother (then in her 90's ) and various friends were staying in my house. Raku was meant to be contained in the dining room. Someone opened the door and of course the dog escaped.

Grandmother, discovering the dining room empty, did the obvious thing - she called the police, explaining that I was being ordained that very day by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I don't know what the police did………

But a thorough search of the house found Raku had climbed the stairs and was fast asleep on mummy's bed.


From Sylvia and Owen

Jasper seems to have started a thread about your Welsh terrier sleeping in odd places!!

Judith Berg writes:

Can you spot the dog? We are having building work done so there are clothes everywhere. Evie is coping with the disruption in her own way.