Oh Izzy!!!!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Took Izzy to the vets this morning to see if she is still leaking from her teets. (She's having a phantom pregnancy) Blow me, she is, so we will have to wait again until she dries up. Looks like it might be after Easter now, before she can be spayed.

She had the shock of her life this morning. A donkey was walking up the road with the Vicar and Nuns and people from the church. There were two ladies following along behind with a dust pan and brush, to clear up after the donkey. Luckily they all laughed when Izzy shouted "good morning" across the road. Not the thing you normally see on a busy road. Yep, it's Easter.

Editors note: Oh Izzy you're all grown up! I hope you get sorted soon. As for the donkey, yes that must have been a shock! Your mum and dad have had to be very wary in the past of horses so I'm glad to hear you were polite.