Jack struts his stuff!

Jack Morgan on the table at the Welsh Terrier Club Open Show and below receiving his rosette.

David Morgan writes

Just to let our members know that Jan, Jack (WT) and I visited the Welsh Terrier Open Show on 31st . March at Polesworth near Tamsworth.

We were made most welcome by Linda Cassidy, the Show Secretary and had entered the fun Alokin Special Award Classes at lunch time.

This is largely for pets and to enable Judges not entirely familiar with WTs to gain experience of the breed--Mr.Tim Ball in this instance, a Shar Pei specialist.

I was nervous as I had not been to a 'proper dog' show before. Although well turned out, Jack is trimmed, neutered and , whilst a terrific all-rounder, not breed Standard!

We came away with a rosette .

As ever it was a pleasure to meet other WT fanciers and to meet the Couzens, Chris Williams and Alex Witmond and many others.

We were proud to come away with the comment-- 'Jack looked wonderful and it was lovely to see a real novice behave in the ring as he did'--- WOW!

The Welsh Terrier Club Championship Show is on Sunday 22nd Sept--feel sure members would enjoy it.

Kind regards


Editors Note: I enjoyed showing at this show many years ago. I was encouraged to hand strip and met some lovely people. I also got to judge at lunch time! In this case it was Junior Handling. One young lady was handling one of Judy Averis' dogs. He was quite a handful but Judy always made it look so easy! I think she (and quite a few others) got quite a chuckle out of me trying to show the young girl what to do when I could hardly manage him myself!!

Years ago you weren't allowed to bring your pet dogs in, so it's nice that pet owners and their dogs are now being welcomed.

Very well done David. You have put in a lot of hard work with Jack, so you should be very proud. Thank you for sharing this.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Congratulations David and Jan. Jack is looking good!