A Little Joke

Steve Warne sent this in.

Editor's Note: Hahaha! And look at the the dog who is just about to clear off!!! It had to be a terrier!!

Jane Price writes:

The terrier running off is probably Rex, Phil Hammond's Welsh Terrier. Like the rest of the country, Rex must be bored sick of hearing about Brexit!

Meanwhile, Chris Amos sent this gorgeous photo in. Chris and hubby had been for a walk around Keston Ponds and then visited the nearby Garden Centre. Chris couldn't resist sending me this pic of Talllie and Jasper in the back of the car, framed by some of the plants they bought.

Editors Note: We can all do with cheering up on this grey old day and I think this ticks all the boxes!

Oh oh! What's happened here?

Susan Cooper writes:

"Double trouble! Well!!!!! Neither Maggie nor Merlin can look me in the eye. What can I say?"

Editor's note: "I think Maggie and Merlin are very talented. They seem to be really good at making indoor snow decorations!"

Jane Price: "Love the double trouble pic!"

Woody Gee has his birthday today! Happy happy birthday Woody from all of us at Weltos