Welsh Terrier Cuteness And Spring Sunshine!

Paul and Eva Daley sent this photo in of Gertie, waiting for her dinner. Well, she is so cute I would give her anything she wants! I love the way her back leg is casually to one side. Her Muzzle Puff is quite magnificent! Only a Welsh!

Meanwhile Karen Fortune sent this shot of Taleisin titled " Comfy he is!

Double cuteness!!!

Meanwhile I enjoyed a Spring stroll with the two pirates!

Thought this was a particularly nice shrub! David tells me it's a Mexican Orange.

What squirrel? Where did he go?

And talking of cute...... just look at little Winnie! OMG look at that face!

Victoria and Ben write: Ahh thanks for the lovely welcome . Winnie is so sweet!

Victoria asks if there are any local meets, training or groomer recommendations, they are all welcome please.

Editors note: If you know of a walk near you Victoria and can arrange a meet, we will try and come. We usually have lunch at a dog friendly pub half way. Meanwhile, I am hoping to arrange a trimming session where you can learn to trim your dog yourself. We can also help with training, but if you can find somewhere near you, that would be fantastic. If you socialise your little girl she will be a joy to live with.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

What a little cutie Winnie is! Life is going to be be very interesting from now on. Good luck with her.

Steve Warne writes: You are giving us mega Welsh Terrier withdrawal symptoms. Lol. Best Wishes

Chris & Lesley Hurley sent this photo in of Alys entitled "Sometimes there just aren't enough cushions!"

And Captain Jack checks out a new bed!

Jan Chamberlain writes:


Lovely day. We've just got back from a lovely walk at Trosley, had scrummy sausage sandwiches for lunch. It was good to see people and their dogs enjoying the sunshine.

Next Friday Izzy is going in to be spayed, so we'll be having a few quiet days after that. It'll be very strange at home without her on Friday. I've bought her a buster collar so she doesn't have to wear the cone of shame.

Enjoy the weekend

Editors Note: Big hugs for you all, especially Izzy. Hope all goes well. xxx