Jan, with Izzy and Willow, Jenny and Ian with Eddie checking out the Daffodils on a very windy day at Greenwich Park.

Editors Note: Beautiful!

I came across this photo of Neile and Daisy. Neile always has a cuddle with the dogs when she comes in from her shift from the hospital. Sometimes she has a really tough time and the dogs always seem to know that she needs extra cuddles. They are such a sensitive breed.

Sunday Walk:

Daisy and Jack enjoying their walk at Lower Haysden Country Park Daisy is mesmerised by the geese, Jack isn't!!

David and Daisy checking out the flow on the River Medway! Once a fisherman.......

Then the sun went in and great balls of sleet came hurtling down from the skies.

Don't think Taleisin is bothered though. Look what Karen Fortune sent in:

A typical Welsh repose! Half on and half off the bed!