The Sun is out in February!!!!

Lovely photo sent in from Jenny Carr. She writes: Spring has sprung! Egyptian geese and 10 humbug. Taken this morning at Five Arches Cray river.

At the Meecham's abode. Captain and Daisy are enjoying the sun. It makes them come over all weak!

Daisy was also lying down until she saw the camera!

Jane Price writes:

The photos of Captain Jack and Daisy enjoying the sun are both hilarious and adorable!!!! Beautiful photo sent in by Jenny Carr.

Morag Hutchison writes:

Lovely pics! Your two are really gorgeous!

Nicola Gee writes:

Haha I know what you mean about them going weak. Woody loves it when the sun comes out! xx

Gorgeous boy!

Couldn't resist this one of Jack (below). It is heart warming to see him relaxed like this as when we first took Jack on, he wouldn't stay out in the garden like Daisy does. She would be out there all day long if she could. Jack, however, would run back in as soon as he'd peed or if he saw me going back in.

Couldn't you just eat them up, they are all so cute?

Chris Amos writes:

Good to see everyone enjoying the lovely weather.

Sue Foreman writes:

What gorgeous photos of Captain Jack and Daisy in the sun. Bertie adores the sun too.

Lovely boy!!