Toffee Delight!!!!


I received this e-mail only this morning. It has made my weekend!

Dear Patsy,

I want to thank you for putting me in touch with Rachel. I went up to see her this week and brought home an adorable puppy who I have named Toffee. Toilet training aside, he is delightful and such a character. The grandchildren are coming today to see him. Watch out everyone!

Thanks again Rachel. I will be joining the club once I've got myself organised. Busy with a round of Vets, puppy trainers and family.

Best Wishes


We will all look forward to Lynn joining us. Meanwhile I have joined her for a free taster session. Let the fun begin!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Welcome Toffee, what a little cutie! Let the fun begin, sharp needle teeth and lots of cuddles. What more could you ask for?