Wow! The sun came out!

The sun came out today! It was amazing! Thought we'd take a trip out to Jeskyn's Park. Who should we bump into, but Jan & Nigel with Airedale Izzy and WT Willow! Here we are by the Totem Poles. I took a couple of photos but when I enlarged the second one it looked like Daisy had two heads and two tails. What do you think? See below.

We all went to the cafe after our walk, for coffee and paninis. Really pleasant. It was Doggy Heaven. Dogs absolutely everywhere! We can't believe we've never been here before. I can see a mid week ramble being organised as at weekends it will be heaving!

When we got home, it truly was like a summer's day and Jack & Daisy went straight to their favourite sunbathing spot on the decking.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

It was a lovely day on Friday. Izzy and Willow thoroughly enjoyed their walk in the sunshine. Jeskyns Park will make a good place for a ramble as it's mainly flat with only a slight incline. If we could book the sunshine as well, all the better. I must remember my suncream next time, I caught the sun after being out for 3 hours!!!

Sandra Kisby writes:

I can see Jack & Daisy on the decking but who is the third dog in the background? Is it the spirit of past WT's manifesting again?