Renewing Subs & Members thoughts

Karen Fortune sent this from Taliesin:

Noswaithdda! Mam paid subs, albeit a few days ago! Hope I'm still a member.

Taliesin x

Editors Note: Of course you're still a member Taliesin and a great big DIOLCH for renewing. You are looking pretty darn cute!

Judith Berg writes:

Just returned from a welcome break in a warmer clime and had a wonderful time reading the blog and seeing all the photos of our wonderful dogs. They are very photogenic and their characters come through, but these fantastic photos are down to our expert photographers.

Editor's Note: Wouldn't it be good if we could get the best photos onto a screen for Discover Dogs? Jan Chamberlain has already suggested this to me.

Gill Marsden writes:

Thanks so much for the nudge about subscriptions. Dottie has suddenly suddenly become an old lady-she has little sight and even less hearing, but her sense of smell is fantastic! The cat comes and walks around her when she's lying on her bean bag and she doesn't realise he is there; about a minute later the nose starts twitching and she is off in search of the cat!

Thank you so much for keeping WELTOS going and all the energy and time you put into it. We love receiving the news and pictures.

Editors Note: Dottie featured on the January month of this year's calendar. I remember when Gill first got Dottie. My how time flies!

Editors Note: By the way, I just thought I'd add this photo because our dogs aren't allowed on the sofa!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Did you see the Welsh Terrier on Country File on Sunday evening? It was walking in a village called Lover in Wiltshire. It was a nice little one, doing the same "bobbing" along walk that Willow does. Good to see some on the TV.

Morag Hutchison writes:

Check out what a friend in Beckenham sent Digby - new kid on the block. I've given Weltos details in case not already signed up!

Sandra Kisby writes:

My friend in Norfolk knits amazing doggie coats. She has one for her Airedale and it is knitted in the style of her name which is Connelly - a bit like having your own tartan I guess. I am going to find out more as would like one for Bertie. Here are some photos taken on Runton Beach. xx

Lucy seen here sporting her knitted coat with Bertie

Bertie thinks he's safer on dry land!

Every beach needs a Welsh Terrier!

Meanwhile. Susan Foreman writes:

Another one for your Welsh Terriers and blankets! Bertie definitely decided that frosty nights are still with us. He loves his fleece blankets. Love Sue

Editors note: For such hardy dogs, it seems to me that they do love their luxury!!

Look what one of my Rock Choir friends bought me.....see below :

My grandson loves it! So do I, so he's not having it!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

I wonder if Lucy, the Airedale's coat goes baggy when it's been in the sea? I love the cushion. I bet you have to fight Ash for it when he comes over to you. Editors note: You got that right!

It's been such a lovely day today. We'd like to go out for a nice walk tomorrow, maybe Jeskyns or Whitstable. Fingers crossed it will be just as good weather wise.

Jane Price writes:

I bought this a while back in a garden centre but you may be able to get it online? Thought Sandra may be interested.

Editors note: I'm pretty sure the Welsh Terrier is Bear, who belongs to ex member Verity. He was used as a model quite a lot and judging from the photos below you can see why!

Any knitters out there? You can buy the kit from:

Click on the link to see the site.

Sandra Kisby writes:

I did wonder whether the coat would sag in water but Bertie NEVER goes in as he hates getting wet. Lucy only goes in for a paddle and primarily to escape Bertie's attentions as she know he won't follow her!

I think it would sag as my mother always told the story of her wool swimsuit which was knitted for her by her mother when she was 16. She entered the sea at Clacton and never got over the embarrassment of what happened when she stood up-she used to "flush up" 50 years later re-living the moment!

I loved the knitted coats so thank you Jane and as I have a friend who is a great knitter (I am hopeless) will certainly explore that option.