The snow may have gone but ..........

The snow may have gone but our dogs can find many things to keep them occupied like Alys Hurley or Winnie the Pooh as Chris Hurley calls her, seen here guarding her chew! Editors note: Pure class Alys! You may look at ease, but I wouldn't want to be the one to try and sneak that chew away!

Tim Dale writes: Well the snow has gone, but Aoife & Geoff the Cat make sure they are always cosy! Cheers, Tim. Editors note: I notice it's the Welsh Terrier using the cat as a pillow! Loving the look on Geoff's face. Cosy bliss!

Chris Amos writes: Here is Tallie watching the flames in the fire....don't think she could get any closer!

Deb and Chris Cherry write:

Ruby is not sure what to do about the intruder in her bed, She is on holiday at the dog sitter and Lola is her friend, but this is pushing things a bit!

Karen Over writes:

Here's a funny Bruno story for Weltos.

Tony was playing a game of frisbee with Bruno this morning, at the walk near the golf course, until Bruno suddenly dropped his frisbee and legged it into the bushes!!

An hour later Mr O who was blowing his whistle frantically, whilst looking for him, got a phone call saying Bruno was at the Golf Club Bar!!!!!!! He had joined the owner of another dog, running round like a maniac. Luckily they rescued him - never a dull moment with a Welsh Terrier!!

Editors Note: Well done Bruno. A dog after my own heart!

Jane Price writes;

in my experience and no doubt many other WT owners, it was the lure of a sausage at a BBQ in someone else's garden! Bruno is obviously a bit more upmarket in choosing to escape to the Golf Club Bar!!


WELCOME to new member Karen Jackson who is owned by WT Mappa. I met Karen on our last ramble and she tagged along on the walk in Greenwich Park. I hope you enjoy being a Weltos member and look forward to receiving any news for the blog. Thank you for choosing us Karen.

Karen writes:

It was great to meet you and the other Welsh Terrier owners on the Greenwich Park walk. I was really pleased that Mappa managed to get on with most of the dogs. She was pleased to meet "family members"

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Welcome to our new member Karen. We are often in Greenwich Park so will look out for you. There are a few Welshies in the park now. I always try to spread the word about Weltos.

Jan owned by Willow and Izzy Airedale.

Lynn French writes:

The snow may have gone but I still like sleeping in front of the wood burner!