The snow's here! Plus Dudleys back with Barley

Sue Foreman writes: Bertie enjoying the snow once again!

Meanwhile Simon Clough is looking after Dudley again. Luckily Barley doesn't mind at all!

Helping with the computer stuff!

Quick bath after walks. Keeps those paws clean!

Jane Price writes:

Looked up last year's Britain's 100 favourite dogs and in 2018, the Welsh Terrier was at No. 98!!! So, to rocket up to No.16 only a year later is incredible?

It must be all those cute photos our members are sending into the WELTOS blog and a bit of clever marketing by the committee!!!

At least the programme pointed out that although the Welsh Terrier was high at No.16 it is, as we know, one of the endangered breeds!

Kaye Attoe sent these snow pics in of Maisy and Teddy:

Maisy is wearing her pink coat. Teddy is in his purple euro fleece. Needless to say Maisy wasn't too impressed being out in the howling snow. It's not easy to see how windy, snowy and wet we all got , but to my surprise, Teddy had a whale of a time x

Isabella Bennet writes:

Chuck is enjoying day 4 of Cumbrian Snow Watch!

Sharon Salt kindly gave me permission to show this photo of Ted. Her caption is:

There's snow stopping me today!

Bertie Foreman is saying "At least we all have our coats on this morning!"

Not really sure if Captain and Daisy like the snow are you?

Kay & Martin Pennycott write:

A couple of shots of Isla in the snow- she loves playing in it - a very happy dog! Was a beautiful day today so had a long walk crunching over the snow.

Best Wishes.

Sandra Kisby writes:

The snow photos are amazing! Viewing them on the blog this morning has cheered me up as boiler broken down and no heating or hot water! Thank goodness for our wonderful Welshies. I think Ted Salt with his wonderful teeth is a prize winning photo. x

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Great snow pics! We didn't get that much, thank goodness after slipping on the ice on Wednesday. Can we have the pic. of Ted Salt on our display at Discover dogs later in the year?? He looks like he's having a right laugh!! Keep those smiles coming in. Who is going to tell the dogs it's getting warmer this week?Even Willow ( aged 12 1/2) had a run in the snow yesterday, with a grin on her face.

Deb and Chris Cherry write:

Last year WT Ruby and Lola looking out at the snow!