An Invigorating New Year's Walk

A good number of us turned up for the Weltos New Year's Ramble. Jan Chamberlain writes:

Another successful ramble, this time on home turf for some of us. Pub lunch in the Cutty Sark was good. Willow and Izzy behaved themselves with only a little grumble from Willow. Greenwich itself was packed as usual. The Welshies and big Izzy got many an admiring glance and had lots of photos taken. I think we did well to promote the breed today without even trying too hard! Roll on the next ramble.

We all met at the main gate of Greenwich Park and immediately had people remarking about the group of dogs that all looked the same. We bumped into a lovely couple with two Lakelands so of course we had to stop for a chat.

We met a lady who used to belong to Weltos but seeing us all together made her decide to renew her subs. Well done Jan for bringing out the Weltos Club Cards!

Along the way Ian showed us some things/buildings of historical interest. He knew a good deal about the background of Greenwich Park and it was really interesting. We had our very own tour guide for free! Meanwhile Alys, Jack and Daisy spot a bag on the floor. If only they could get a bit closer for inspection!

Wow it was a bit breezy at times! Sophie gets a quick cuddle while Ian tells us about this particular spot. Just look at that scenery though!

Ian chats to Chris about this particular area whilst Alys has her eye on something else!

Time for a quick photo shoot before we go in the Cutty Sark Pub. Tour guide Ian on the extreme left with his Welshie history students!

Hang on. isn't this the film star lady from Dr Zhivago? No, it's Sandra and Bertie!!! They were meeting Malcolm at the Cutty Sark Pub.

We were all chatting away and enjoying the pub ambience so much that I forgot to take any photos except this one. I couldn't resist. Sophie just looked as though she was in heaven on Lynn's lap. All the dogs behaved and were a credit to their owners.

So it was back to the actual Cutty Sark itself, before home, whereupon I must apologise for not getting the masts in. I could've sworn I had them in shot. I even sat down on a step to get a better shot!

Anyway the dogs were drawing as much attention as the Cutty Sark..maybe even more!

What a wonderful walk. Great to see members and their dogs. Our members should give themselves a pat on the back. These dogs are not the easiest of breeds but you have all put a lot of love and work into your pets making them such a joy to be with. A great big thank you to Ian for all the knowledge he passed on. It was really heartwarming to see the amount of smiles that this lovely little breed brought to the faces of the passers by. Look forward to the next one.

Sylvia Turner writes:

Oh I do wish I could join you. The WT's look splendid and the pubs make me feel v.warm inside. Years ago I lived in New Cross, then Hither Green and after that Grove Park. Greenwich or Horniman were our Sunday afternoon trips. Happy memories. Editors note: Sylvia now resides in Shropshire and like me has one of Rachel Pearce's dogs called Owen. Maybe we will travel up to Shropshire at some point.

Sandra Kisby writes:

Great photos and the owners behaved impeccably and their humans had a great time as well, The first of many happy times to come. xx

David & Jan Morgan write:

Belated thanks to all for Sunday's outing. Good dogs, company and food in a splendid setting. The three Morgans gave it a 10 out of 10.

Kind Regards.