Sometimes you just need to relax!

Lynn French sent this photo of Sophie in. I'm still laughing as I'm posting it!

Judith Berg writes: Great one!

Chris Amos writes:

At Discover Dogs we're often asked if Welsh Terriers are good with children. Here is my granddaughter and Jasper having an afternoon nap.

Editors note: I love seeing pics of our dogs with children. There's something very special about it.

Editors note:

After reading in the paper this morning that David Beckham has a blanket for his dog, Olive, by Louis Vuitton ( that he bought for £1,500 and now I believe is retailing for £6,000, available online.) I decided to take a photo of our Captain Jack sleeping under his dog blanket. I have now called it Pooey Feeton, available a most Pet Shops £14.99! Available in pink, red, grey and blue.

Judith Berg writes:

Evie loves her blanket too. Before we got it she preferred the mattress we have in the kitchen.

Jane Price writes:

What beautiful photos our members are sending in. They really cheer me up on a grey January day! It makes me smile that Welsh Terriers asleep look like "butter wouldn't melt"? Such little cherubs until ....they wake up when mischief ensues. I also think it sweet that Welsh Terriers sometimes sleep or pretend to sleep with one ear cocked up just so they don't miss anything!!!

Kaye Attoe writes:

Well my two have the same blanket as yours Pat, as well as these (see below) As long as they are snuggly warm and lovely, it works for us. I wonder if you have to get the 'Beckham Blanket' cleaned if it's that expensive? At least ours just go in the washing machine, especially when they come in muddy and smelly!! Don't you just love them? x

Sandra Kisby writes:

Oh dear my Bertie doesn't have a blanket!! To be remedied ASAP!

Morag Hutchison wites:

Loving the posts. I wondered where Nelson was..........