Happy New Year 2019!

Happy and Healthy New Year to all Weltos members and dogs. Here to celebrate with us are new members, Louise and Ian Gooch's pup Ralph. How cute is he?

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Happy new year to all Weltos members. A big welcome to our new members and their dogs.

Look forward to meeting you one day, hopefully you can join us on one of the rambles.

The dogs coped well last night,Willow barked at the early evening fireworks, by the time midnight came both Willow and Izzy didn't make a sound.Thank goodness.

We've always had dogs that were frightened of fireworks,so this was a welcome change for us.

See you all at the ramble.

Jan, Nigel, Willow and Izzy Airedale

Peter & Lorraine Thompson send their best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Paula Pearce writes:

Happy New Year to you too – it was pretty bad around where I live last night with fireworks starting around 6pm! However both Teddy and Doris are immune to the racket now (Ted is a bit deaf I think except when I put the cat’s food down!)

Paula xx

Kay Pennycott writes:

A day trip to the beach with Isla. Beautiful day here! Once way to spend New Years Day.

Admiring the view over Lyme Regis.

Outside the RNLI shop - made out of wellies!!

Chris Amos writes:

managed a short walk today. It was freezing! The dogs enjoyed it though... plenty of coat on them as they're badly in need of a trim. At least they didn't feel the cold wind.

Karen Griffiths has given me permission to share these photos with you. It's very rare that you see so many Welsh Terriers living in harmony together and it warms my heart.

Janice Chamberlain writes:

Oh Wow! What a lovely sight. Perhaps we should all have seven WT's. Maybe that's the answer to all the grumbles and bundles. The more the merrier!! Looking good Chuck!

Nicola Gee writes:

I just love Karen's pictures, every Welshie owner gasps at the ability to have so many:) Seeing videos pf them off on a night time walk in the woods (all off lead) is a sight to behold. I love it!

Thanks for sharing this!

Lynn French writes:

I love the photos of the seven Welsh Terriers-quite remarkable but I wouldn't like to have to trim them all!

Member Isabella Bennet has been a great ambassador for the breed showing her Welsh Terrier Chuck, with a great deal of success. It was only this morning that I realised that Chuck came from Karen. Isabella says poor Karen has been bombarded with people wanting a dog just like Chuck!

Chuck showing off his best bits!

Strutting his stuff in the ring

Chuck guards his empty custard tub! Apparently he is obsessed with it. Whereas if my Jack spots a tub see below what happens.......

I found this in his basket only yesterday. Pirates rule!

Nicola Gee writes:

Oh Chuck is such a sweetie and Woody loves him. Isabella and Tom are wonderful pup parents, their training and dedication to him is what has mad all the difference for sure.

And ... guarding!! Woody is the master of the big yogurt pot or a cheeses board :) It's his only vice: hehe.

Paula & Eva Daley have sent these photos of their Gertie, showing off!