And now, after Christmas....

Karen Over sent this photo of the lovely Bruno chilling after Christmas. Looks like he's had a really good one!!! Good to see him looking so relaxed. Bruno is so lucky to have found you and Tony and thank you for making us smile!

Judith Berg writes:

Just came back from Christmas up north with my family. In Kirby Lonsdale saw a WT in a shop window. Had to go in and ask "how much is the doggie in the window". Turned out it is a Steiff and cost £140! Since that is far more than we paid for Evie we said thank you but no thank you. However, I must say it was very accurate. So if any members want a true depiction of a real WT, then contact Steiff.


Jan Chamberlain writes:

I was lucky to have been bought one of the Steiff Airedales/Welsh terrier for my birthday one year. It was just before I lost my first Welshie, Ceri, so it was a lovely thing to have until we got Willow.

"Taffy"on the grooming table. He'll have to get off to make way for big hairy bear, She's (Izzy) gone into hiding because we've put the baby gate across the hall to stop her munching on the door mat, Teenage Airedales, always looking for mischief!

Jenny Carr writes:

Here is Eddie, still looking for more pressies!

Kay Pennycott writes:

Hope everyone had a great Xmas and Happy New Year.

Kay, Martin and Isla xxx

Debbie Murlowski writes:

Great to read the blog and to see everyone's photos. Spike is enjoying his first trip to the French Alps!

Happy New Year!

With Best Wishes, Debbie, Chris, Nico and Spike.

Here are some gorgeous shots of Spike on his holiday: