Bruce is found!

After a very distressing and worrying day, Rachel Pearce has been reunited with her dog Bruce, who was found near a motorway 50 miles from home. The person who found Bruce, took him to the vet to be scanned.

When fellow Welsh Terrier lovers heard of Rachel's plight they all shared her plea, resulting in over 3000 shares!! This made the thief think twice I reckon.

Thank you to those members who shared Rachel's plea for help. A brilliant outcome and all our love and best wishes go to Rachel and big hugs for Bruce.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Fantastic news he's back for Christmas.

Sarah Allen writes:

Oh that's wonderful news!! Have a very Happy Christmas Bruce.

Nicola Gee writes:

The best news. I was so worried, hope he is ok.

Jane Price writes:


The fact that he was found near a motorway sent a shiver down my spine. Thank goodness for the wonderful person who picked him up and took him to safety.

Social media and Facebook have cons but in situations like this, they are invaluable. A dog went missing locally to me and the owner put it on Facebook and within minutes, the area in which the dog had disappeared was flooded with people and fellow dog owners out searching. It was heart-warming to see and I am pleased to say, the dog was found eventually in someone’s garden!

Best wishes to Rachel and of course, Bruce. What a relief!

Kay Pennycott writes:

Fantastic news about Bruce - best Xmas present ever for Rachel !! Phew so glad he is back where he belongs

Kay x

Judith Berg writes:

Wonderful news about Bruce and now he and his family can enjoy Christmas!

I wonder if they dumped him because of the online interest meaning he would be recognised and difficult to sell on. The internet does have its good side.

Editors note:

Bruce was a Canadian Champion and a CC winner in England. Rachel was quick to respond to his theft and in less than twelve hours, over 3000 shares were made on social media. Here is a remark made by Larisa Hotchin, who showed him in Canada and made Bruce a Champion,"Thank goodness he didn't get run over as this breed do not usually have the best car sense, especially on busy roads. He is safe and sound and while I am not close to him, he'll always be close to me" She also thanked all those people who cared and reshared this terrible news.

Chris Williams (Who does the Discover Dogs stand for The Welsh Terrier Club at Crufts) used Bruce to sire a litter of puppies, from his bitch and wait for it.......the lady who found Bruce has one of Chris's pups, so Bruce is the father!!!!! How amazing is that?

I got in touch with Rachel and she said it's been a a roller coaster!