Christmas blog

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Christmas Greetings to our Welshie friends from the Musical post box. It's situated in the Cutty Sark Gardens.

There are only four of these boxes in the country. Greenwich is lucky to have one of them. You post your letter and it plays music. Goes Ho,Ho,Ho.

Great fun watching a toddler's face when it starts up. Izzy was quite inquisitive as to where the sound was coming from. Willow wasn't impressed at all.

As you can tell it's a lovely sunny day,the suns very low and right at eye level.

Merry Christmas Folks!!

Jan, Nigel, Willow and Izzy X

Jan also sent this: Thought I'd share this pic with you. It's from the lady at Ragtail Terriers. She rubber stamps this on her envelopes . Isn 't it great?

Editor's note: Wheeeeeeee!

Jack and Daisy are remarkably well behaved around the Christmas Tree this year!

They wish all their Weltos chums and Welsh Terriers everywhere a very Happy Christmas 2018

Oh here we go! It's the old antlers routine again!

Jack "We'll just sit here for a bit and then when she's not looking!......." Daisy " Actually I'm quite happy lying here!"

Meanwhile Bruno is busy chasing seagulls!

And Woody Gee has been to the spa.....

Judith Berg writes:

Evie sends her good wishes to all her Weltos friends, for a great Christmas. Her favourite trick at the moment is sniffing round the Christmas Tree on the village green and getting tangled in the lights. Typical Welsh Terrier behaviour!

Susan Cooper writes:

Maggi, Merlin and me of course wishing you a very Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year. xxx

Merry Xmas from Isla, sent in by Kay Pennycott

Hazel and Paul Blanchard sent this photo of Lottie

Hazel writes:

Happy Christmas everyone. We hope to meet you and join you for a walk next year. It is thanks to Weltos that we have our beautiful Welsh Terrier Lottie.

Lovely to hear from David and Jan Morgan:

Jack won best dressed pooch at our Saturday dog club this morning, We joined in all the activities and he was a credit to the breed! Happy Christmas!

Chris Hurley writes:

Alys meets Geoffrey!! "Hallo little chap. Happy Christmas, whatever you are!"

Tim Dale writes:

Aoife hopes everyone enjoyed their Christmas celebrations and wishes you all a Happy New Year!


Tim & Sue Aoife & Geoff the Cat!

Kaye Attoe sent in these delightful photos of Maisie's Christmas!