Woody has a new pal

Nicola Gee writes:

We are looking after a Welshie called Charley this week whilst his owners are in NY. We got chatting through the FB group and I thought it sounded like we could help. He is a real sweetie. Woods and him get on well - considering they are two boys. Charley is a real cuddle monster - much more than Woody - you can do anything with him without a grumble hehe. But he does have the Welshie spirit… loves to play tug hard and destroy toys, so all Woodys toys had to be put away :-)

Woody wants to play with him but Charley is quite unfussed, but they seem to have found a mutual respect. Dinner time is interesting as Woods is a bit food aggressive but he is learning the art of self control and I have mastered the art of feeding them separately (not easy, I have to be very fast). They both enjoy a cuddle on the sofa at night so I have to sit in the middle so they are safely apart and get equal measures of ‘me’ time… so funny, but much fun. Its lovely when it works out and I will be sad to see him go.

Editors note: It's great when you can look after another Welsh, instead of them having to go into kennels. Well done Nicola.

Many Simioni writes:

Lovely post and sounds like Nicola and Woody are enjoying their guest! It’s always entertaining having two.

Editor's note: Big hugs for Kobi and Rosie.

Susan Cooper sent this photo of Maggie and Merlin:

Sue writes:

How sweet is this photo of my two catching up together each evening? Hope your lot are well.

Best Wishes.


Editors note:

So very cute indeed! Double the fun and double the love. When it works it is brilliant. However, some Welsh Terriers need to be the only dog in the pack otherwise you could get double the trouble and double the expense! All of us who have two and it works, I'm sure, know that we are very lucky!

Jack and Daisy are still full of mischief and enjoying life. We are lucky, to have two such loving dogs.