Lest One Forgets/Poppy Dogs

Welsh Terriers seen collecting for the Poppy Appeal. Remembrance Sunday is 11th November 2018

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Loving the pic. Don't the hats suit them in some mad way?

Kay Pennycott writes: We also have some hand made knitted purple poppies to go on too, in memory of the animals that served in the war! Meanwhile Isla models her red poppy below.

Kay's sister's dog Lottie

Chris Hurley writes:

How about this? Alys has been wearing a poppy for a couple of weeks. The shiny clip on one was added a few days ago.

Editor adds:

Jack wears his poppy with pride.

Daisy is looking guilty though! What's that white stuff in her moustache? Aha I've just found an empty yoghurt pot!

Time Dale writes:

Greetings from Ireland. We'll be taking Aoife to our local beach at Portstewart to attend the Pages of the Sea event on armistice Sunday, which is being organised by Danny Boyle to commemorate the occasion.


Tim & Sue

Susan Cooper writes:

Here's a photo of Maggie, unfortunately Merlin cannot wear a poppy as Maggie grabs his collar so much. It wouldn't last!!!

More spectacular photos from Kay Pennycott, taken at Keswick, where the poppy display at the church was striking! Isla looks amazing too!

Chris Amos writes:

What a beautiful photo from Kay of Isla in front of the poppies cascading down the church in Keswick. I take it that will be a contender for the November photo in next years calendar?

Editors Note: Absolutely !!!!

Chris continues:

So I put some food out for the birds which the squirrels have descended onto. Jasper has sat here for ages, unmoving, waiting for his chance. He's quick but not quite able to climb the tree that the food is hanging from. The tree looks glorious so I've included a photo of that too! It's a liquid Amber.

PS Tallie knows better in her old age and is curled up snoozing!

Editors Note: This is exactly why Autumn is my favourite season. Chris, that tree is beautiful! Poppy Season Trees! Here is a shot of an Acer at the edge of our Koi Pond. Such vibrant colours!

Sue & Richard Foreman write:

Best Wishes from Bertie!

Editors Note: That looks a very posh bed!

A photo I saw on Twitter, especially for Jan & Nigel Chamberlain and Chris & Lesley Hurley:

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Thanks for including the Airedale photo. I see they all walk like Izzy! It's surprising Airedales made good war dogs as neither of my previous two liked noises. Firework season was a nightmare with them. So far Izzy has been OK. Fingers crossed for the future.

Editors Note:

I remember seeing this photo, below, many years ago in a newspaper. I still have the article somewhere. I copied the photo and sent it to The Welsh Terrier Club of Great Britain and it appears in one of the older Year Books. Someone has added poppies to it. I just had to post it again here.

Judith Berg writes:

Lovely photos. Archie (previous Welsh Terrier) went deaf very early on so never noticed fire works. I wonder if the guns in the war rendered the war dogs deaf? It would explain how they coped.

Lat night was our village bonfire and the bangs are so loud the windows vibrate. We also had lots of people nearby setting off loud fireworks all evening. Thankfully Evie didn't react apart from a slight wuff. The Sileo worked for her and she had no ill effects afterwards. The good thing is that it works almost immediately so is also useful for thunder storms.

Jane Price writes:

Instead of getting on with my ironing, I have spent the last two hours researching and writing the following article, based on Dogs in War.

It is biased towards terriers but I don't want to take anything away from all the other dog breeds who also played a big part in Military history.

I wondered if any members have any little anecdotes or family stories about family pets during the war?

Anyway, sit down with a cuppa and read all that I have discovered about our Faithful Friends during the war. I hope you enjoy it. Simply click on the link below.

Dogged Devotion

Tim Dale took Aoife to the 2 local pages of the sea events, at Portstewart in Ireland, on Sunday. Here are his fantastic photos, of the beach images in the sand and Aoife meeting a 6 year old Welsh Terrier called Sam, for you all to see.

Aoife (red collar) meets Sam

Jan Chamberlain writes:

A big thanks to Jane for her article on war dogs. I loved the photos some of which we hadn't seen before. The photo of the Airedale on the bomber means a lot to me. My Mum's cousin flew in a Lancaster in WW2 ,sadly they were shot down and never came home. It's nice to think they had an Airedale as a friend on the base. I do know we are not the 1st generation in our family to have Airedales.

Tim, Loving the photos. The sand pics were amazing. Aoife's looking great, the Irish air must be agreeing with her. Hope you are both well. Jan

Kaye Attoe writes:

Just wanted to say the photos of all the dogs linked to Remembrance Day were just beautiful, especially the two wearing the flat caps, saying that they all were beautiful photos and I wanted to say a huge thank you for every body who sent them into share for us all to see, we really have some incredible dogs amongst us, and also some amazing photographers! We are so lucky, thank you Patsy for putting them up on the Blog for us all to delight in them. Xx