Thames Barrier Walk

The view from the Thames barrier Cafe

Jan Chamberlain writes:


Hope all the dogs survived the fireworks last night. Ours were good, but we did walk their socks off so they tired. Willow only created when we took her out for her last wee.

On Friday we went down to Thames Barrier for a walk. We walked towards Woolwich past where your son lives and ended up at at the ferry, which isn't running at the moment .They are waiting for the new ships to arrive and working on the piers. This is in part a new part of the Thames path, you still have to walk through some of the old industrial buildings, then out onto the Thames path itself. It was a cold bright day but the river was like a mill pond.At the ferry we turned back to the Thames Barrier Cafe where we had coffee before heading home. We normally go the other way along the Thames path, towards the O2, but this made a nice change on a lovely morning.

Willow, Izzy and my self at Woolwich. Below the mill pond called the Thames

Sylvia Turner writes:

With regards to fireworks.....Loud bang, mother looks anxiously at dog.....Owen Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Am I bovvered?

Kay Attoe writes:

Lovely photos from Jan, I have never done a walk there, so it would make a lovely walk for New Year for us, obviously depending on what everyone else wants to do.

With regards to fireworks; Last night was our worst night and whilst Teddy doesn’t give two hoots Maisie was beside herself, even with her thunder shirt on, thankfully they had finished by about 9pm. I’m hoping that they are now finished, however, I think we have one more organised for next Saturday in our area, hopefully I’m wrong!.

Editors Note:

Our two are so different as well. Daisy is interested in what's going on and then, after a while, just gets in her basket but Jack whimpers like a baby. We did have Classic FM on with Bill Turnbull. Pets Sounds! Dogs are supposed to love Classical Music. But Jack only settles down if I am with him. He jumps on my lap and cuddles right into me. Apparently, you're not supposed to do that.

Brian Robinson writes:

Fireworks are a pain at the moment but Molly seems to be coping ok. A couple of grumbles then she calms down.

Judith Berg writes:

Lovely to see the Thames Barrier Walk. Bit far away for us!

Editors Note: We'll have to look into a visit your area Judith. Maybe there's a motorhome park near you?

Judith continues: Re Fireworks: Evie is a real basket case with fireworks. She barks, tears around and gets into a terrible state, salivating and hyperventilating . They say you should ignore them but how can you? It takes her hours to calm down. We have tried various treatments but she is unable to tolerate most drugs. Trying Sileo this year as recommended by Vet friend who has a dog that reacts like Evie. Will let you know how we get on. Saturday is the big display here.