The Tenterden Ramble

October 24, 2018

 Left  to right: 

Welsh Terriers, Jack & Daisy, Nelson, Sophie, Willow, Airedale Izzy and Welsh Terrier Eddie 


 Nelson and Morag in front of  Nelson Cottage!!!

 Sophie chills out after ramble!

 Daisy is waiting for a chip!

Jack joins in,  Yes where are the chips?

 Nelson has done this before!

 Nelson knows the drill! Lie down and wait for food!



 Izzy and Willow giving me a lovely welcome after lunch.

Daisy makes sure there's no food left! 

 Eddie's mummy's boy!

 Willow gets a post lunch cuddle while Eddie photo bombs!

 Izzy you are adorable!

 A wonderful ramble, with spectacular views.  We passed a flock of geese and also saw horses and pheasants. Tenterden High Street is absolutley beautiful.  We enjoyed a great lunch at The Vine.  A wonderful mid week ramble.   A big thank you to Morag, who organised it and the continued support of our stalwart Weltos members.


Jan Chamberlain writes:

A big thank you to Morag for organising yesterdays ramble. The day turned out much warmer than we expected it to be. Willow flagged a bit in the heat, she wasn't the only one.  I was over dressed and boiling hot. The dogs may have barked at the sheep and cows but gave the geese a wide berth with no barking, they're not daft are they?

Lunch in the large pub garden was great,food was excellent,and delivered to our table with a smile.

Until the next time,


Jan, Nigel,  Willow & Izzy


Lynn  French writes:

Wasn't it a lovely day? We really enjoyed the ramble and of course the lunch afterwards.  Many thanks to Morag for organising.





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