Discover Dogs 2018/Saturday

Jan was there bright and early and took advantage of a coffee break before the crowds surged in! Captain was resting his tail before the frantic wagging started! Jan has handled him for at least the last six years, so he knows the drill!

Daisy joins in, guarding the stickers. She knows all the children will want one and as she adores children it will be a sure way of making contact!

Quick, while Jan is chatting, time for a tit bit!

Eeeeeeeek! What the hell is that? Daisy is getting ready to leap off the table to protect us all from the wobbly balloon dog! Hmm that would have been interesting. It was a slow start, as usual but the crowds kept pouring in and our stand was one of the busiest in the hall. We also had lots of compliments about the stand.

After a very early start Daisy and Captain finish their shift.... they must be tired, right?

Meanwhile, the lovely Eddie turned up to do his bit and wow the ladies!!!!

This lady was clearly besotted.

The look that says, "I'm King of the Castle, right mum? !"

Eddie looking like he's smiling at his mum, whilst proud Dad looks on. Go for it team Eddie. Let's show them Welsh Terriers rule!

Meanwhile back home........

Jack rifles down the recycle bin and snaffles an old empty dog titbit container.


The pair of them want to play! And last but not least........

Captain Jack steals a broccoli crown from the compost heap. Tired? No chance!!!!!

Roll on tomorrow where Nelson and Sophie are flying the flag for Welsh Terriers! See you there guys!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Another enjoyable day at Discover Dogs. Jack and Daisy did us proud, cuddling up to children. Daisy especially loved my neighbour Josh, he's in a wheelchair and Daisy sat on his lap and gave him a great big cuddle.

Good to see familiar faces coming to see us, past members Yvonne and Anita paid us a visit, as well as people we seem to see year after year.

We're home for a good rest now. Good luck for tomorrow team.

See you Wednesday for the ramble.