A Sunny Sunday Ramble

David with Jack and Daisy on Goring Beach, West Sussex

Member Susan Cooper, who owns Maggie and Merlin, asked me if any Weltos members wanted to join her on a ramble at Goring on Sunday. It was a bit short notice, but David and I decided to go. The ramble was arranged by Welsh Terriers UK. There were around 20 Welsh Terriers and an Irish Terrier present.

They were a lovely, friendly crowd of people and their enthusiasm for their dogs reminded me of you all!

We walked along the sea front and stopped for a coffee at a very popular beach cafe. It was great to meet Susan and her dogs, but unfortunately she had to go home, before i could get any photos. The weather was absolutely amazing and the dogs were the topic of conversation by spectators, all along the way. What a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Glad you had a good day with great weather. Maybe next time, with a bit more notice, we'll be able to join you at Goring.

Susan Cooper writes:

Leave it with me then. Look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Take care and give Jack and Daisy a hug from me. x

Karen Over writes:

Looks lovely Pat. Love that walk and seeing all those WT's together is such a delight!