The magic you find when you go walking with your Welsh Terrier(s)

It was such a wonderful October day. The sun was shining, the fish were lazing in the lake and the ducks , geese and their babies were squawking with delight.

Jack and Daisy were reading all their "wee mails" with concentration when all of a sudden we came across a girl with the most beautiful Macaw. She'd trained her (the Macaw) to fly free and return. What a magnificent sight. Click on the link below to see this magnificent parrot.

What an amazing sight. Jack was quite interested but Daisy's eyes were coming out on stalks! She couldn't believe her eyes. It would have been carnage if she had been off the lead!!!

We then headed towards the snack garden for a quick bite to eat. The dogs got their home-made biscuits and before you knew it, we were back home, chilling out in the remainder of this wonderful autumn day.

2 contented Welsh Terriers

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Looks like you and David waited for the mist to clear before you ventured out. Was that Haysden Lakes?

Editors note:

Yes, we have been going there for years. Such a lovely walk with the added advantage of food area.

Brian Robinson writes:

It has been a beautiful day for sure. We bumped into Merlin today, I mentioned him when you were over. He is a re-home from Wales, via Christine? (I am terrible with names, she mentioned one and now I am guessing it was Christine 🤔)

Editor's note: It was more than likely Christine. Merlin and Molly are two lucky Welsh Terriers to have found such good homes.