Welsh Terriers are bright!

Gill Marsden sent in this photo after reading Jane Price's comments on Rex the Welsh Terrier owned by Phillip Hammond.

She writes:

These Welsh Terriers are a bright breed and really could be running the country's finances; Dottie pictured here browsing The Economist to try to help Rex out!

Best Wishes


Jane Price writes;

I think that Dottie is just checking to see if the price of gravy bones and squeaky balls hasn't gone up! What a sweet photo!

Jane x

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Izzy ate Nigel's computer magazine last week, so she knows all about hard drives and Apps now! Her litter sister Janet lives with a WT called.....wait for it....John! So I really think their choice of reading book may be a bit easier than The Economist! All those of a certain age will probably remember the Janet & John books we were taught to read with at infant school.

Editors note: Yep, I remember those!