Look who we bumped into at Bodium Castle!

Just having a leisurely stroll around Bodium Castle when we bumped into Lucy and Mark with Mouse! What's the chances? Jack took a liking to Lucy. I don't know if it was because she was still holding a poo sac and it smelt of Chanel number 5! Lovely to see them and catch up.

Jack and Daisy were enthralled not only at the ducks but..... well watch the video below

Darn it! I held the camera the wrong way again! But you can get the gist!

Lucy writes:

Lovely to see all four of you!!!!

Don't forget the Salehurst Halt when you're next going to Johns Cross, it's just off the A21. There's a nice little walk down to the river Rother. Just head down the bridge way to the right of the church.xx

Kay Attoe writes:

What a lovely surprise!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Well that was a surprise for you. Nice to see Mouse in the picture with Jack and Daisy.

Welcome back, the blog has been quiet for a while. Good to see you're getting out and about again!