Norfolk in August

This was the sky over Fakenham Racecourse, on our first night in Norfolk. We then moved onto West Runton and who did we bump into?

Bertie Kisby was the perfect host and Jack and Daisy loved coming to see him at his cottage. The dogs were all very well behaved. It was great to see Sandra and Malcolm. Shame it was raining that day!

I'd just been to a festival in Oxfordshire and people tend to leave stuff behind. In this case someone had left two camping chairs complete with bags. On closer inspection one was broken, but the other was fine. However a certain little dog decided it was just right for a Captain! So it is now known as the Captain's Chair!

Meanwhile, the campsite managers' own a Welsh Terrier called Lottie. She is a complete nutcase but very much loved by her owners!

When Lottie gets excited, she rags all her toys and throws them out of the window!!

I couldn't make the beach this time so David took the two pirates. It must have been difficult taking these shots with the pair of them flying round like lunies!!!

Daisy loves a spot of rock pooling! She's so nosey! I know I've said it before, but this is such a superb place to take your dogs.