Izzy's official birthday photo

On 12th August Jan Chamberlain wrote:

Izzy Airedale is one today, where has the time gone?? She had a wonderful play in the park this morning with a Basenji, totally wore herself out for at least 10 mins. Just heard her "Auntie" Ella is having pups next week. Pauline her breeder is so looking forward to the patter of tiny paws and all those cuddles she gives them.

One of Izzy's brothers (Norman) is going to Ferring today......remember that ramble?? Seb got an asbo from the Cafe for barking. Happy days.

This is Izzy's "official" Photo taken this morning

Nicola Gee writes:

Happy Birthday Izzy, My what long legs you have!!

So lovely to see a giant Welshes in the club :-). She looks absolutely adorable Jan and hope to see her at the next get together xx

Happy happy birthday Izzy! From Pat and David

Chris and Lesley Hurley write:

Saw Izzy's birthday picture. It brought back very fond memories. Here's a photo of Bracken around the same age, 38 years ago!!!!

Sandra Kisby writes:

Happy birthday to the beautiful Izzy, hope to see you in the Park soon. Love from Bertie Bonzo Kisby.

We are off to Wales tomorrow with Bertie for his FIRST stay anywhere other than in his own homes, many thanks to Jan for telling us about dog friendly/disabled facility rental cottages in Wales.

The blog is so informative, fun and helpful, viewing Woody enjoying France has given us the confidence to include Bertie on our next trip there especially as he is such a good traveller. Many thanks Nicola and to Patsy for all the work involved in running the blog.


Jan Chamberlain writes:

Thank you all for Izzy's birthday wishes.

Have a good holiday in Wales Sandra, we'll see you soon in the park I'm sure.