Hi Jinx before lunch

First of all I've made the cardinal error of not holding my camera in the landscape position. However just experimenting popping a video on here for the first time. Here's Jack and Daisy having a little play before lunch on the campsite in Tewkesbury.

Jane Price writes:

Loved the video of Jack and Daisy! Daisy is a tease and Jack, who clearly adores her, never appears irritated by her attention seeking behaviour but just goes with the flow! They are the prefect companions! Adorable!

Morag Hutchison writes:

Well done! These are a beautiful pair and obviously good buddies. I've thought from time to time about getting a chum for Nelson but think he might find it a stretch to welcome someone when he's had me to myself for 4 and a half years! Anyhoo thanks for sharing.


Brian Robinson writes: Very good! Much better than having to download it! Brian also sent this video in of Molly having a paddle. Brian thinks she needs a bigger pool!

Gill Marsden writes:

I have enjoyed viewing the videos and news about keeping our dogs cool and I think you are doing brilliantly with posting the videos - I wouldn't know where to start!

Dottie, now nearly 13, likes to lie down in the still water on the beach to cool down, so I thought I'd try to create some water for her to bathe in in the garden. Spent all morning scrubbing out the girls' old sandpit, put some lovely clean water in, not too deep, and waited for her to give me one of those grateful Welsh Terrier looks as she hopped in to the water. Not a chance! I stood in it to show her, I lifted her in in case she couldn't see it was water; she looked at me, turned round and got out!

I then left a large square gravel tray on the deck with water in ready for some plants and when I turned around, she was lying in that! You can lead a Welsh Terrier to water but....!! Turns out a large square gravel tray is exactly WT size on the diagonal!

Please feel free to forward this to members!

Take care and thank you for continuing to keep us all in touch with WT worlds!

Best wishes


Editor's note: Here's Dottie, now 13years old??????? Wow how time flies. Thank you all for keeping in touch.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Looking good for 13 Dottie! Willow was 12 on Sunday. She and Izzy enjoyed a walk in Greenwich Park today. They had lovely big cuddles with a class of school children who were handing out bookmarks to everybody. Both behaved beautifully, although Izzy being 11months is still quite bouncy. Not too sure what they made of the film crew though, I think they thought they were just getting in the way, taking over the park. Plenty of chuck wagons so nobody will go hungry. Sadly the dogs didn't get invited to join them.

Willow, 12 years young!