Heat blog!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

This heat is getting boring now, the dogs are too hot. We went to our local woods, Oxleas/Jack woods on Thurs. We sat having coffee in the shade of Sevendroog castle, it was nice and quiet, also cool. You can see right over London from here on a good day. Then we heard clip clop of horses. It was three huge horses from Woolwich barracks, with officers mounted on them. Blow me they stopped for drinks. All was quiet until they went to leave. Willow went ballistic as they clip clopped past us. One woman commented that she had small dog syndrome. Hey ho!! She obviously didn't think she might just have been scared witless. The horses didn't bat an eyelid, just carried on with their walk. No pooh bags though.

This morning as we came back from shopping (8.45am) we had the whole of the Kings Troop from the Barracks going up the Rochester way right in front of us (Didn't they know I had ice cream in my bags??) But what a lovely sight.