Alys does footie and more!

Alys ready for kick off! by Chris Hurley

My version!!!! by Lesley Hurley

Lynn French writes:

What a lovely evening it was yesterday. Pete did a great BBQ in the garden - Sophie forever on the lookout for that dropped sausage. She spent ages waiting for the cooking to start but was very disappointed that nothing fell on the floor - oh well!! Lynn

Kay Pennycott writes:

Have been meaning to send some photos for ages! So here is a little selection.

A bluebell walk (spring seems a long time ago now!) plus a few from our recent trip to Europe (Amsterdam down to Lake Constance and back up to Bruges). Isla had a fab time - she is great traveller in the car and she loved the boat trips we went on and the waterfalls we visited but was none to keen on the noise of the trams and the trains - far too rattly and noisy. She was rather bemused when we watched the Ascension parade in Bruges - a big procession that included horses, sheep and camels!

And if we had a £1 for every time someone asked to take her photo or we turned round and someone was filming her we would be rich!!!!

She is a bit too interested in the bees in the garden but so seems to have avoided being stung thank goodness!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine - Isla loves the cooling herself under the hosepipe - the hosepipe now has a few repairs to it though following some over enthusiastic biting !!

Kay x

A come on England shot!!!

And an oops! Hope this isn't an omen!