Tv fan and those darn Deer!

Sue Cooper writes:

Thought you would like this photo of Merlin watching sheep on the Yorkshire Vet! He does enjoy the programme, I think it's the noise that attracts him. :) Well done to the rat catcher (Daisy) too!

Best Wishes

Sue x

Meanwhile Chris Amos, sent these photos in from the Moreton campsite in Dorset:

Oh Deer!! And Jasper saw them just before we did. You've never heard anything like it! Crazy dog. They are so bold and just jump over the fence right behind us. There were about 6 standing by the side of the road as we pulled in. Hoping that when the site gets really busy at the weekend they won't be so brave.

Ps couldn't get a really good close up as I had my hands

full with Jasper! :)