2018 Brighton to London Run & Rat Catching

Chris with Jasper and Tallie at the London to Brighton run.

Sent in by Christine Amos:

It was an early start for us this morning as we became just one of over 2 thousand Mini’s on the 2018 London To Brighton run.

It was lovely to have such brilliant weather and the atmosphere as always was great. People line the streets along the route waving and cheering as we go past.

So that we can travel safely Chris makes an “adjustment” to the back seat of the Mini (ie removes the seat squab!) and Jasper and Tallie have their own cushions and harnesses with seat belts. They were very good despite the long journey.....It took over 2 hours for all the cars to leave Crystal Palace. Unfortunately, on this hot day not all made it to Brighton. We were one of the lucky ones who did and had a great day. Both Tallie and Jasper met lots of other dogs not to mention people and had a lot of fuss made of them. Jasper fell in love with a French Bulldog and she with him......now there’s a mix for you, hate to think what name would be dreamt up for puppies....Wench Bulliers maybe?


Ps...nothing “naughty” happened.......Jasper has been “seen to”!!

Editors piece:

Well it had to happen at some time! Daisy Meecham had been sniffing a rat for weeks now. Zig zagging around the garden like one possessed. It all came to a head when she jumped on the roof of our outside kennel and refused to move. Ready to pounce, tail wagging furiously. You all know the scene!

David went over and shifted the kennel and bingo....out ran the rat. It was seized instantly and Daisy made short work of it. In seconds the rat was no more. After a couple of throws into the air, she realised it was no longer game, so allowed David to remove it from the garden...(thank goodness). It's no good thinking this is gross, as this is exactly what they were born and bred for. So well done Daisy....just please don't do it again :). And pigs might fly!

Daisy and the rat!