Alys keeping cool and the Meecham Moho does North Norfolk (again).

Alys Hurley keeping cool in the hot spell!

Chris Hurley writes: It doesn't take much but it's appreciated.

Mum and Dad took advantage of some sunny weather and took us off to North Norfolk in the Meechmobile. (Captain Jack & Daisy xxx)

So that's breakfast done, let's go for an adventure.

On our way to Rocky Bottoms, a new sea food restaurant in West Runton, near the beach. It does excellent lobster and crab. Yummy! Thought we'd stop here for a photo as the daisies were abundant and you can see the sea meeting the sky! Beautiful!

Yep the lobster was excellent! Bring your own alcohol, you just have to pay for corkage! There was a great spot for us under the table and we were made very welcome.

Found a hotel, restaurant, bar, that does breakfast and Sunday roasts, within walking distance from the camp site! It was fake grass but nice to lie on!

Travelling on the coast hopper bus was fun! On our way to Blakeney.

We loved the mussels bar in the harbour!

Mum always has to stop at a beach hut! She loves them.

Looking out to sea, along the boardwalk.

Here we both are fraught with excitement! Our little new arrival is due very soon and we just had to have a lie down, as it's all too much!

We snuggled up in our bunks at bed time. Really cosy. Jack thought his new vet bed was far too clean to lie on so scuffed it to one side. I may copy him tomorrow!

Tadaah!!!! Mum and Dad's new baby grandson has arrived! They are cock a hoop so packed up a little earlier than expected, to go and welcome the new baby to the universe! Great, another little boy to play with us!