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Stunning Sussex!

We had a wonderful walk alongside the mustard fields in Sussex.

CJ and Daisy with their buddies Puggles, a cross between a Beagle and a Pug, and Fudge the little Chihuahua

The farmer's dog decided to join us for our walk, all the way back to the cafe. The farmer had to come and pick him up in his tractor!!!

He just wanted to be one of the gang!

Reading my dog paper yesterday, I came across this. Thought you might be interested:

Also came across a nice little poem on Facebook:

We had a family gathering on Saturday. Here are my two WT's with my grandson, whose mother is really nervous around dogs and is trying not to put her fears on Ash.

Jack is amazing around children. Very calm.

Whilst Daisy has to go on her lead for a bit as she just wants to get to those unicorns and join in all the fun.... but she doesn't have a stop button and is extremely lively! This could be organised if it was on a day to day basis, but unfortunately we can't do that. At least we've stopped the barking!

This leads me on nicely to some of your comments about children and Welsh Terriers.

I will eventually put all the remarks up with the Newsletters and comments. So keep sending them in. Simply click on the link below.

Do Welsh Terriers Get On With Children?

Meanwhile Jan Chamberlain writes:

We had our first trip of the year to Whitstable and Tankerton.The weather was beautiful not too hot for Willow and Izzy. Willow always enjoys a day at the coast and it was Izzy's first time to the coast. She looked quite amazed when she got out the back of the car. I suppose the big open sky and the sea caught her eye, where as she normally sees trees when she gets out the car. It didn't take her long to settle down for a walk along the coast towards Swalecliffe then back to Whitstable. The boats in the harbour were unloading their catch of Whelks (yuk!! )Izzy was not impressed with that and Willow just laid down for forty winks.

We couldn't believe it today, 3 people stopped us who actually knew that Willow is a Welsh Terrier.We met loads of people and their dogs all enjoying their walks in the sun.Here's hoping for many more days out and about.