Fun in the sun and another Poorly Paw!

April 26, 2018

Paul and Eva Daley sent these shots of Gertie Daley having fun in the sun!

 Whilst poor Freddie has a poorly paw.  

 Peter and Joan Cooper write:


We've been having a fairly busy time of late, which is why Freddie has not been on the scene for a while.  Sad to say, that he has picked up an infection of some sort, to one of his right fore paw pads, which the vet thinks is a "definite maybe" for being tumorous.

He is due to have a biopsy on Thursday to see if they can get a more definitive answer and hopefully remove the swelling.  Meanwhile here he is with a protective bandage on the affected paw and being a very brave dog in the meantime.


Peter & Joan

Editors note:  Good luck for today Freddie! We're all rooting for you!


Susan Cooper writes:

Thought you would like this snap of Josh with his best pal Maggie, enjoying a cuddle in the sun. xx

Editors note: I love the way that paw is just touching on Josh's real mates!


Meanwhile, here are CJ and Daisy sitting, squinting in the sun following a spell of  zooming around the garden like a pair of nutters.  After finding ticks on Daisy, they were both  treated to a bath, hard mud cleared from in-between pads, clean bedding, clean collars, tick collars now fitted and teeth brushed!  They are all lovely and fluffy and clean and I am exhausted!







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