Ramble at Lower Haysden Country Park

After a pleasant breakfast , we all got together before the ramble around the lake. It was Debbie Cherry's birthday, so together with Chris and Ruby, they popped by before going off to spend her day at a nice restaurant!

The sun was out, there was a slight breeze and it was a beautiful day, just perfect for rambling. Sue and Bertie were leading the way at this point and all was great.

Then at the end of the ramble, we stopped for a photo shoot, but that didn't happen as Captain Jack and Eddie had a spat. Eddie's long lead became entangled around Jack's which made things much, much worse. Unfortunately Eddie got the worst of the deal and Chris Amos stepped up to the plate by applying a "tourniquet" to Eddie's lower leg, which did the trick. (Editor's note: See Chris's reply to this , further down.) A good lesson in keeping a cool head and assertiveness so a big thank you to Chris. Both David and I, Jenny and Ian (mostly) were very shaken up by this. Eddie and Jack have never seen eye to eye but we've always managed the situation before. It's a pity people can't be more like dogs. They see things as black and white and actually if the truth be known, while we are fretting ourselves stupid, sick with worry, they, being terriers actually seem to enjoy a scuffle. Then when the red mist goes, they move on!

Jenny and I wish to say that what happened is between us and have handled the situation sensibly but would also be grateful if people kept their negative judgements to themselves as it doesn't help matters. Although I must say, the members were most understanding. I decided to print this because this is real life and owning a terrier is not always hunky dory. But it always helps when you have quick thinking people who know the right thing to do.

So we left on a low. When we got in, Daisy was a little unsettled and kept barking at Jack as if she was giving him a good telling off! He looked a bit sheepish and was doing his submissive bit!

David and Daisy giving Jack a bit of a lecture!

Meanwhile, Chris had done a good job as Jenny said that, when they got in, she removed the "tourniquet" from Eddie's paw and it had stopped bleeding and he seemed ok and was resting in his basket. I hope he continues to recover quickly. Watch this space......

Jenny Carr writes:

Thanks for the message to all members on the blog. Just about right. All seems ok. I was right about his foot. It was a bite just above his back pad into his wrist. We had some dog antibiotics so will give him some as a precaution. They (Ian and Eddie) both have a sore paw, but are ok.

All the best


Jan Chamberlain writes:

Congrats on a well worded blog.

Haysden Country Park is a nice place to take the dogs. We had only been once before and the cafe wasn't there at that time.

We were lucky the mud had dried up. If we had gone the week before I'm sure it would have been a different story.

Izzy walked well with all the little ones, she wasn't too sure when a swan reared up in the lake. I suppose he was quite big and scary when you're only 81/2 months old. Even Willow kept up the pace ( she's getting a bit slow now). We stopped for an ice cream before we left the car park. Yummy!

Until we all meet again.


Chris Amos writes:

Hope everyone is feeling more settled today...I'm sure the dogs have forgotten all about their little set to! (Little s**ts all of them when they want to be!)

In case anyone is concerned about the "tourniquet" I applied (which can be dodgy if not applied properly and released regularly) it was really a pressure dressing I put on Eddie.

Jenny was already applying pressure to the wound with her fingers but obviously with all the blood something more was needed. Other members stepped up to the mark by supplying wads of tissues and a freshly laundered mans hanky which enabled me to dress the wound whilst still keeping the pressure on.

Like us, pressure on a wound and raising the affected part all helps to stop the bleeding. I don't think I did anything particular, more a joint effort with our lovely members I would say! Eddie is probably noticing it more today as bruising will be coming out too. Fingers crossed it heals quickly and cleanly.