Summer is on the way!

CJ & Daisy checking out the Imposter!

Staying in the shade next to the Rhodies

A spot of sunbathing with dad.

Calming down after 5pm zoomies.

News from Jennifer Gladdis, from the Isle of Wight after me asking if any of our members who live on the IOW have bumped into each other:

Yes I met Alistaire and Norma with Tilly at the Wolverton Show, but have yet to meet Brian and Molly. Funny isn't it, you see a Welshie and just have to speak to the owners, even if your dog isn't with you? People have such enthusiasm for the breed, it's great.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Thought I'd share these pics after Izzy's first puppy strip. She looks so grown up! See you Sunday.



Lynn French writes:

Wow! What a difference! She's all ready for summer now....and has grown up!!!

Chris Hurley writes:

This brings back memories of our first Airedale. Bracken had a big head and skinny legs at that age. He kept the long legs and was quite tall for the breed.

Chris Hurley.

Chris said " This is Bracken, who is a slightly fatter form and lived to be 17!"

I said how cute "she" was as I am used to Bracken being a girl's name and I was put in my place.

"Oi!" said Chris "Bracken was a lovely boy. A bit of a wuss but definitely a boy!"

SORRY Chris. He was still a cutie though!