Spring Blog 2018

Spring is definitely in the air. Have you noticed a difference in your dogs? Daisy is always lively but Captain Jack is the laziest boy I know! However he has now developed a spring in his step and as you can see, was ready for a bit of dry toast this morning. Then dogs were loaded into the car and off we went for an adventure around Lower Haysden Country Park.

First stop was at the Garden Cafe for breakfast, then off to see the newly born ducklings!

During our walk, Daisy found this ball sitting along the riverside. Unbelievable!!! It is our grandson's 2nd birthday on Sunday and he wanted a ball to kick around the garden. Only yesterday, we spent ages on the internet trying to find a ball. It wasn't as easy as you'd think! Most came with cones or goal posts! Then Daisy goes and finds one! These dogs are really spooky at times!

Back home, Daisy teaches CJ how to nick the fish food!

Then Daisy continues to guard the fish ......

Whilst CJ gives his toy sheep some stick!

Then it's a little nap before teatime, when the fun can start all over again!!

Brian Robinson sent theses shots of Molly on an Easter Egg hunt:

And Rabbits are out!!!! It did amuse him.

Brian thought it may be inappropriate, but I can assure him that we have all had times like this. I call it "bum in a bush time!" :0

Jan Chamberlain sent this shot of her Willow and Izzy by the daffodils:

Welshies were like buses, Jan writes, in Greenwich Park this morning. We were just walking back to the car when we bumped in to fellow Weltos members, Jenny and Ian with Eddie and Sandra and Bertie. It was a cold damp morning, the only thing to brighten the day were the daffodils, which were lining the the roadway. They did look better last week in the sunshine, but they still looked good today. Is summer on the way? We do hope so, rain is getting boring now!

See you soon,