Weltos Trimming Session March 2018

This is a collection of hair from the trimming session on Sunday! Well done if you can make out a shape of a dog! It mostly came from Molly!!! She was extremely shaggy, but this is how she turned out, see below. A really big well done to all our strippers! :)

Brian Robinson writes:

Just a quick email to say a big thank you to Chris, Sue and of course you for tackling Molly. I am ashamed that she got into such a state but thought that letting it grow a little prior to the session was the right thing to do. However, looking at the others in the session, this was clearly the wrong strategy!!

I think I have learnt and feel confident to take this on and will try and maintain Molly in the condition that she deserves!

Once again a really useful session, thank you!

Brian and (more importantly!) Molly

We got to meet new member Debbie Murlowski and Spike, she writes:

Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and Sue for a great Weltos trimming session today. I learnt loads....just need to try and put it into practice at home now!

It was also lovely to meet all the other Welshies and their owners....thank you for making us welcome!

With best wishes,

Debbie and Spike

P.S. I will forward you a few photographs from today. (Dogs featured are Spike, Woody, Teddy, Maisie, Molly, Sophie and Seb.)

We had a lovely visit from Janet with Seb!

Nicola Gee writes:

Thank you All for another great trimming session. It is the second one we have gone to now and both times learnt a little more. Still such an art and thank you to Sue for helping find Woody's eyes. It is great to have this dedicated session with experts on hand. It was lovely to meet Debbie with Spike and all the other members again especially Molly - she was such a good girl but ready to go I'm sure.

Thanks again

Very Best, Nicola and Woody.

Lynn French writes:

Thank you to everyone who helped at the trimming day - although I have been to a few now, it just helps to get some tips on the finer points, especially trying to get the head right which I still find problems with. Anyway Sophie looks the bees knees now, so we are just off for our walk along the sea front so I can show her off!

Thanks again to everyone - it was a very enjoyable day.