What's been going on with Morris?

I've been getting e-mails asking what is going on with Morris. I will give you all a little taster but I am waiting for an account to be written, which I know will gladden all your hearts. We can all do with some good news. But for now, here are the flowers I received from Tom, Lucy, baby Primrose and Morris. The card reads:

"Hi Patsy, We really can't thank you enough for all your help and advice with finding Morris his new home. It really shows your love and dedication to these dogs. Love Tom, Lucy, Primrose & Morris xx"

Needless to say I cried when I read the card!

Meanwhile, I can tell you now that his new owners are Jane & Barrie Price, who sent me this letter, lovely dog card and a cheque for £50 for Weltos:

The letter reads:

"Dear Pat & David,

Re: Morris the mischief!!!

Barrie and I would like to contribute a little something to Weltos in gratitude for all the help you gave us, putting us in touch with Tom and finding us our new little boy Morris.

Is there any equipment the club needs, that this can go towards? (Editors note: we would like to update our Discover Dogs booth, just a suggestion) We will also be giving a donation to a dog charity.

As far as the lovely Tom & Lucy were concerned, Morris was priceless and they would not accept any money for him. So it is on both our behalf and on Tom and Lucy's behalf, that we enclose a cheque donation for you to use as you see fit for Weltos.

Thank you again for all you did. You made all concerned very happy!

With Best Wishes, Love Jane & Barrie *Particularly Morris !!"

It wasn't all plain sailing and Morris first of all went to member Simon Clough, who instantly bonded with Morris, but it was soon obvious that he should be an only dog. It was with a very heavy heart that Simon had to admit defeat and not without a few tears........but he stood by Tom & Lucy and offered his support all along the way, to help find Morris his forever home. He even drove to see Jane with Tom and Morris.

Jane is putting an account together, with photos, which I can't wait to read. Maybe Simon can contribute too.

I have to say that David always thought that Morris and Jane would be a perfect match. When Simon brought Morris to see us, we went for a stroll with our Jack and Daisy and he was a perfect gentleman. Simon proudly showed Morris giving his paw and other tricks. I fed all three dogs some titbits and left Morris until last. He was so gentle and his mouth was like velvet. I feel there's going to be a lot of fun in the future for Barrie and Jane and this loving, intelligent little boy.

Enid Southgate writes:

I was so delighted to read the letter about"Morris" I had been wondering about him. I feel the sadness of Tom and Lucy and the disappointment of Simon but it is so good to hear that at last, Morris has a loving "forever"home with Barrie and Jane. It is this kind of caring and sharing of information about W.T.s that is great about our club. Our "rescue" Kevin/Touch of Frost, who was one of the dogs urgently needing a home when Sally Poole was taken ill way back in November 2016, is now very much the king pin in our home. Back then, so soon after the passing of our first W.T."Smudge", we were not too certain about taking on a rescue dog, but we are so glad we did. My best wishes to Barrie and Jane and thanks to you, Sue and the committee for the work you do . Kind Regards Enid Southgate

Steve Warne writes:

That's great to have some good news about Morris, especially after the very sad news regarding Rob, we all need a little something to cheer us up a bit.

It must have been so hard for both Morris's family and Simon to let him go but at least they can be assured he has a lovely new home.

We need more Morris photos, everyone I've shown his picture to can't help smiling, he looks so handsome and cheeky.

Best wishes


Jan Chamberlain writes:

Good to hear Morris has found a new home, look forward to meeting one day. Jan.